Oracle Groundbreakers Podcast

REST or GraphQL? An Objective Comparison

December 19, 2018

Are you a RESTafarian? Or are you a GraphQL aficionado? Either way you'll want to listen to the latest Oracle Groundbreaker Podcast, as a panel of experts weighs the pros and cons of each technology.

Representational State Transfer, known to its friends as REST, has been around for nearly two decades and has a substantial following. GraphQL, on the other hand, became publicly available in 2015, and only a few weeks ago moved under the control of the GraphQL Foundation, a project of the Linux Foundation. But despite its relative newcomer status, GraphQL has gained a substantial following of its own.

So which technology is best suited for your projects? That's your call. But this discussion will help you make that decision, as the panel explores essential questions, including: 

  • What circumstances or conditions favor one over the other?
  • How do the two technologies complement each other?
  • How difficult is it for long-time REST users to make the switch to GraphQL?

This program is Oracle Groundbreakers Podcast #361. It was recorded on Wednesday December 12, 2018. Listen!

 The Panelists

Luis Weir Luis Weir
CTO | Oracle Practice, Capgemini
Twitter LinkedIn Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassssdor; Oracle ACE Director
Chris Kincanon Chris Kincanon
Engineering Manager / Technical Product Owner, Spreemo
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Dolf Dijkstra Dolf Dijkstra
Consulting Solutions Architect | A-Team - Cloud Solutions Architect, Oracle
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James Neate James Neate
Oracle PaaS Consultant, Capgemini
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