Oracle Groundbreakers Podcast

Blockchain: Beyond Bitcoin

December 20, 2017

Blockchain originally gained attention thanks to its connection to Bitcoin. But blockchain has emerged from under the crypto-currency’s shadow to become a powerful trend in enterprise IT -- and something that should be on every developer's radar.  For this program we’ve assembled a panel of Blockchain experts to discuss the technology's impact, examine some use cases, and offer suggestions for developers who want to learn more in order to take advantage of the opportunities blockchain represents.

This program was recorded on Thursday November, 9, 2017.

The Panelists

Listed alphabetically


Lonneke Dikmans
Chief Product Officer, eProseed, Utrecht, NL


John King
Tech Enablement Specialist/Speaker/Trainer/Course Developer, King Training Resources, Scottsdale, AZ


Robert van Mölken
Senior Integration / Cloud Specialist, AMIS, Utrecht, NL


Arturo Viveros
SOA/Cloud Architect, Sysco AS, Oslo, NO